Andrea Mikolajczak

CHt., CTM-CCM, BMusEd. Eastman

My Qualifications: 

Bachelor of Music Education Instrumental Degree — Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester, New York 

Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist American Board of Hypnotherapy -Center for Advanced Life Skills, Agoura Hills, California 

Certified Solution-Based Life Coach — Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA) 

Certified LIGHT Practitioner — UC San Diego Centers for Integrative Health 

Certified Clinical and Therapeutic Musician Harp for Healing Clinical Musician Certification Program -Accredited by the National Standards Board of Therapeutic Musicians 

Certificate of Completion in Holistic Health & Sound TherapyAmerican University of Complementary Medicine Beverly Hills, California 

Certificate of Completion of the Arts in Healthcare Clinical Practice Intensive - Therapeutic Expressive Arts Practitioner — University at Buffalo Center for the Arts & the University of Florida Center for the Arts in Healthcare Research & Education 

Certificate of Completion in Guided Imagery & Mindfulness in Integrative Healthcare —University of Minnesota online

Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach Transformation Academy™

ASCAP Published SongwriterAndrea Mikolajczak Music Publishing

Certified Beat the Odds™ Evidence Based Group Drumming Facilitator                                                    —UCLA ARTS & HEALING INITIATIVE

My Work Experience:

Since 2018    NLP, Solution Based, Spiritual & Intuitive Life Coaching - Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnosis for thrivors and people diagnosed with cancer, LIGHT Practitioner, Clinical Therapeutic Musician, 

2015-2024    Certified Clinical & Therapeutic Musician, Sound Therapy Practitioner, Therapeutic Art Facilitator, Board Certified Hypnotherapist  at the Providence St. Joseph's-Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center- Integrative Medicine Department.  

Since 2004 ​    Creator of Songs that Soothe™  - Soothe Coaching™ Therapeutic Musician, Soundscape Artist & Composer of Royalty Free Music for Integrative Healthcare & Wellness Practitioners, ASCAP Published Songwriter- Andrea Mikolajczak Music Publishing.

1992-2019    American Federation of Musicians Local 47, Freelance Musician, Piano Instructor at Macey Gray Music Academy, Private Piano Instructor, ASCAP Published Songwriter,                              SAG-AFTRA actor, photo-double, rehearsal actor, stunt double, photo-double. 


​My Story 

 When I was 4 years old I begged for a piano. I had never asked my parents for anything until I asked for a piano, so my parents were very curious.  My parents got me a little tinker toy piano just in case It was just a "phase".  I would come home after Mass and play the melodies of the songs that I had heard at church. 

By the age of seven, I was fortunate enough to be enrolled in classical piano lessons. The piano fast became my best friend. Immediately, I discovered that there was something very fundamental in making music. This magic interface between feeling, simple action, and instrument unlocked much more for me than some technical proficiency. This was integration. This relationship allowed me to bring a voice into the world that had no outlet except through our unique partnership.  Through this relationship with music I found escape from the stress and anxiety of my early teen life.  By the age of twelve I was composing and recording my own songs!  When I turned fourteen, I began classical percussion studies.

Rhythmic drumming helped me to unlock and express even more layers of emotion. This deeply satisfying connection to percussion would become the roots and foundation for my life and work. 

Already, I was using the healing power of music and sound to help myself reduce stress and anxiety,  express my inner truth, and release emotions. 

Fast forward a decade.  After graduating from the Eastman School of Music I moved far from home in East Amherst New York to pursue a songwriting career in Hollywood, California.  I worked in TV and film, which was emotionally and  physically very stressful and exhausting.  During breaks in production, I wrote ethereal and soothing music. This helped me to calm my anxiety and relax. 

Also,  I began to notice the effect the music was having on other people, and on animals.  My personal exercise of composing and playing to relax and re-center myself was now revealing to me a promise to help others. 

This inspired me to create a CD. In 2004, I released Songs That Soothe™.  This was such a breakthrough, I decided to use it for the name of my therapeutic music business.

Life has its way of testing our resolve. Over a period of ten years I would find myself living with ulcerative colitis, while also dealing with cancer treatments and surgeries.  My mind, body and spirit were not in alignment.  I was not doing the work that I was supposed to have been doing, I was not fulfilling God's purpose for me.  I was not following my dreams and passions in music.

One day I was waiting for a radiation treatment when I noticed a woman crying next to me. I could see and feel that she was scared and stressed. I started a conversation. I asked if she liked music, dance, art. Her face lit up as she shared memories and moments she loved in her life. We chatted and shared so many smiles and laughs. Before we knew it, they were calling her name to come into radiation. As she made her way down the corridor, she turned back and said, “Thank you!”

Somehow, in this simple connection, two strangers became more than acquainted, we were connected in this easy, calm, and positive joy.  There was no stress or anxiety, just lightness and comfort. In that moment, I knew. I felt a sense of deeper purpose. It became clear. I wanted to use my gifts for music and the therapeutic expressive arts to bring hope and wellness to others.

As part of my own recovery in remission, I attended hypnotherapy sessions. It was an amazing and blissful experience. All physical and emotional pain lifted away. I was in a deep state of relaxation but completely aware and mindful of everything that was going on. I realized, in guiding the conversation with the anxious woman, I had used visualization techniques instinctively to help her into a relaxed state of hypnosis. Once again, the signs were directing me. Without hesitation, I decided to study to become a board certified hypnotherapist and combine all of the healing modalities from my studies together. And that is how

Soothe Coaching™ & Soothe Hypno Coaching was developed.

This life, this wonderful life, has been the guiding plan to bring me to where I am today. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to work with other empaths, cancer patients, children, teens, adults, animals, athletes, artists, musicians, dancers, actors, comedians and all communities of all backgrounds! 

As a certified therapeutic musician, sound healing practitioner, therapeutic art facilitator, songwriter, and board certified hypnotherapist, I look forward to knowing each of you and learning how I might best be able to bring my gifts to help relieve pain, recreate your empowered self, restore direction and hope in your life, in your relationships, and in your communities.

I am married to a wonderful man who is an incredible musician as well as a First Responder.  He saves lives at his job and then his music saves his life. We have been rescuing dogs since we started dating.  Our sweet Gwendolyn is a little three legged Shih-Tzu mix.  She brings us joy, makes us laugh and her resilience reminds us to be grateful every day for this beautiful life. 

​My husband Christopher and I, have volunteered as Therapeutic Musicians at The Gentle Barn in Canyon Country, California when we are called to come in as needed.  It is an incredible healing experience to observe how music and sounds affect animals.  Each animal, just like humans, have their own personalities, likes and dislikes.  Different sounds affect everyone differently and being sensitive and "in tune" to the humans and animals around us has been an amazing learning experience.

​Wishing You Peace in Your Heart!

  Andrea Marie Mikolajczak