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Andrea introduced me to Songs That Soothe™ and Soothe Hypnotherapy™ with Solution Based Coaching  just at the precise moment in my life when I needed it the most. Andrea offered her holistic services to me. At that time last year, in the midst of COVID, I was also suffering with chronic pain from a surgery, and was also consumed with grief and sadness due to loosing a very special person in my life. It was a huge loss. Andrea helped me through this devastating time with empathetic and beautiful guided imagery, soothing music, hypnotherapy and gently guided coaching.  I can’t put into words how much it helped me. I will always be grateful that our paths crossed. Surely an angel sent her to me.  

I can highly recommend Andrea and wish to continue with her wise and wonderful counsel. Her different forms of holistic therapy, alongside with some professional help, have brought me peace and joy.

 Tracey Tootell, Registered Nurse and Midwife.      Sidney, Australia



Hi Andrea, I just wanted to let you know that I listen to your music almost every night after my typical 16 hour day here in Afghanistan.  It is the perfect way to clear my mind after all of the challenges that I deal with!  It also makes me feel like I have a friend here with me.  Thanks for sharing your amazing talent! 

Mary Gallagher Bradley - Colonel, U. S. Army    United States of America 



Healing animals from severe abuse and neglect that no one else is willing to help, is a very tall order.  We think outside the box and do whatever we can to rehabilitate them, body and soul.  Our animals carry a lot of pain with them from their past and we need a support team to help them.  We want them to feel safe and embrace their second chance at life.  Andrea and Chris Novicki help so much with their positive energy and their beautiful healing music! The live therapeutic music that Andrea and Chris play helps to speed up the rehabilitation process.  It helps the animals to trust, feel happy, which then leads to their physical healing.  It is great for our staff and volunteers' souls too!!  Thank you Andrea and Chris for being a part of our gentle family and for all that you do in the world for people and animals! 

Michelle Robertson - Founder's Assistant,    The Gentle Barn Foundation Gentle Barn,   California 



About 3 and a half years ago, a multitude of extremely stressful situations all hit me at the same time.  My husband had serious health problems that required him to be hospitalized for a month, an unstable  neighbor was threatening me over a water delivery, we were in the process of having all the windows in our house replaced, and my husband’s family was planning on coming for an extended visit from the UK (just as Covid was beginning to spread,) to name a few! On top of that, our dog of 12 years had died and we were now the “parents” of a new puppy. In order to cope with the stress, I developed a new, unwanted tongue-thrusting habit. I would push my tongue against my lower front teeth, which were sharp, jagged and worn from age, which was very painful.  I tried every solution possible to get rid of the stress and the habit, to no avail.  I tried psychotherapy for a long while, acupuncture, anti-anxiety medications, listening to a generic hypnotic tape for a month, trips to the dentist for which nothing could be done, and other interventions I cannot even remember now!  It wasn’t until I started working with Andrea a couple of months ago, that I began to feel a noticeable improvement. Her therapeutic coaching and hypnotherapy sessions are geared to me personally and address my specific problems and concerns. She is so empathetic and her soothing guidance always puts me at ease and opens new doors for me. I always feel very safe in her hands and trust her completely. For the first time since all this stress started, she has given me hope that a calmer and more peaceful future lies ahead for me. Thank you, Andrea! 

Jan Reilly, retired teacher                                                  Glendale, California




 Dear Andrea, Your Soundscape was wonderful! My mind was racing prior to the Soundscape but your session worked its magic... I drifted away while you played.  I haven't felt so relaxed in months!   Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

​ Dessa - Retired TV & Film Producer       Los Angeles, California 



 Andrea has greatly uplifted our patients' experiences during their treatments.  Her music gives them an escape from their current situation.  Patients truly enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that Andrea creates with her Songs that Soothe! 

Zaida Mejia, MA Providence Disney Family Cancer Center      Burbank, California 



I had the best night sleep I've had in a very long time. I had so much to do at work but I was able to stay focused and energized all day! Thank you!! I loved it!  Buddy our Yorkipoo loved it too. He is still sound asleep on my pillow and has been snoring for awhile. Thank you so much. 

Kelly Marshall - Teacher             Buffalo, New York 



​Andrea's music is soothing and inspirational.  I am at peace when she plays! 

Katherine Hastings - Patient Relations, Disney Family Cancer Center           Burbank, California 



Dear Andrea, Thank you so very, very much for the beautiful Sound Therapy Session last night. It was so relaxing and so needed after a stressful day. I slept very well last night. You are remarkably talented and your voice is so soothing. 

 I loved it! 

Cindy Siragusa             Rochester, NY 



I couldn't wait to tell you how much I am enjoying your soothing, soft sounds.  I have listened to your CD 3 times already and I can't get enough of it!  The beautiful melodious songs make me feel calm and without worry. Thank You! 

Liandra Lack - Camera Assistant            Hollywood, California



 Andrea’s Soundscapes for People and Pets is a wonderful way to find peace and calm after a busy day. I don’t have a pet but love animals and found it relaxing and enjoyable to watch the animals react to Andrea’s soothing music and calming voice. They sensed the relaxation in their owners and went from being animated to gradually drifting off to sleep. As a musician myself, I’m attuned to the effect sound has on our psyches; by the end of the session I felt at peace and centered. Andrea’s ability to connect to both animals and people through music is a very special gift.

Debbie Vinick -       Professional Harpist